Mike Tintes



Senior Software Engineer - October 2019 - August 2020

  • Worked on claims processing engine (+3 million a day)
  • Devops related tasks including the usual players, Jenkins, K8s, artifactory.

C.H. Robinson

Senior DevOps Engineer - January 2016 to October 2019

  • Working with team to help practice good architectural and enterprise behaviour. This includes giving presentations to teams and communicating across the organization.
  • Evangelizing automated acceptance testing. I work with teams in difficult testing scenarios and helping them practice good deployment practices. I also work with them during and after high priority incidents to ensure we don’t run into similar issues in future releases.
  • Implementing new languages and features into our pipeline. This includes python, WebApi, .net with Service Stack, .netcore, node.js, and packages for all. We have also implemented containers into our pipeline.
  • Supporting our pipeline. I work with teams through issues and maintain a good working relationship between other teams and ours.
  • Coding new solutions to issues. I work to fix bugs and add new additions to our pipeline in order to streamline and automate effectively.

Global Forwarding Software Engineer - July 2014 to January 2016

  • Development of new systems in technologies such as AngularJS, Service Stack, RESTful services, Rabbit MQ, C#. I helped design and implement a long term solution for a business aquisition.
  • Finding and fixing system defects. This is the general day to day work in the life of a programmer. It sometimes involed addressing defects between different teams code.
  • Building support tools to lower the cost of support and maintanance. I was able to build one tool that was able to categorize and bandaid several fixes. It would do the work of 2 support analysts.

Global Forwarding Support Analyst - September 2013 to July 2014

  • Troubleshooting escalated issues. As a second level support team we would field issues aroung global forwarding shipments.
  • Ticket resolution through SQL and Visual Studios.
  • Prioritizing problem tickets and classifying issues.


University of North Dakota

Bachelor of Science degree, Computer Science, 2011

Extra Curriculars


This started as a side project to implement hubot into my own daily routine. He is a chatbot that is used by all of IT. He does around 600 tasks a month currently. He does around 35 different tasks that provide value. He does as much work as an average employee on our team. Some of his tasks include GitHub team management and code audits.

Innersourcing Committee

I work along with 20 other people in order to come up with processes and common solutions for the enterprise to streamline our pull requests and innersourcing process. We work with teams all around the globe to implement solutions that work for everyone. We also help teams to work more cohesively by helping moderate between cross-team disputes.